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World-class medical, safety and security solutions.

Our Global Presence

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FrontierMEDEX's Russian-speaking Physician Advisor decided on the care required for a car accident victim. Then, our coordinators arranged the patient's transfer via air ambulance to an appropriate medical facility in Helsinki, which helped lead to the patient's rapid recovery.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Higher Level of Care Given


Since 2004, we have provided a team of Physicians Assistants, nurses and advanced care paramedics to man an on-site medical clinic at a mine often only accessible by air, near Yellowknife. The mine has up to 1,000 crew members on location, working above and below the surface, all year round.

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North Sea

We provide offshore medics to support vessels operating around the world in areas including Egypt, Brazil, West Africa and Australia as well as the North Sea. Our HSE medics deliver the highest standards of medical care and incorporate significant health and safety elements into their role.

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FrontierMEDEX supports college and university Study Abroad programs. We helped a US student traveling in Italy when she fell and sustained extensive, severe injuries. Her father confirmed 'I cannot imagine going through this ordeal without FrontierMEDEX'.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: 30ft Fall in Italy


In the US, a motorbike accident left a traveler with a number of severe injuries. As their assistance provider, FrontierMEDEX arranged transport home via air ambulance for the patient, where he would undergo rehabilitation and long-term treatment.

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In one of the world's biggest oil fields, FrontierMEDEX is providing enhanced medical support for a large oil and gas operator in Iraq. Working closely with our client, we are playing an integral part in the development of medical services throughout the oilfield.

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FrontierMEDEX helped support a complex evacuation, requiring air clearance in Russia and Japan, as well as two flight crews, for an American traveling on business in Japan who suffered a critical stroke and needed to be flown back to the US.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Stroke Victim Evacuated


We came to the aid of an award-winning, world-renowned photographer following his involvement in an explosion where he sustained serious injuries. We coordinated his medical evacuation and liaised with his employer to arrange his further treatment and rehabilitation.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Kandahar Explosion


FrontierMEDEX Land Transport Advisors established and operated a safe transport system for our oil and gas client. The Advisors' remit included fleet and journey management as well as delivering driver training courses.

Learn more about Driver and Vehicle SafetyCase study: UN Decade of Action on Road Safety


FrontierMEDEX intelligence and security operations moved into action during the Libya turmoil. Read our case study at the link below to see the timeline of events at the start of 2011 and how we went from monitoring intelligence to evacuating our clients within the space of ten days.

More on Emergency Response and EvacuationCase study: Libya Turmoil Assistance


FrontierMEDEX stepped up and provided assistance during the 2011 protests. We provided secure ground transportation for over 100 individuals, ensuring their safe arrival at the airport. Then on charter and commercial flights, we assisted around 600 people with their movement from Egypt.

More on Emergency Response and EvacuationCase study: Egypt Evacuation


FrontierMEDEX jumped into action after a devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. Within 17 minutes of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake striking Port-au-Prince, FrontierMEDEX had notified clients of the event. Overall, we provided assistance to over 800 travelers and expatriates affected.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Haiti 7.0 Earthquake

Dominican Republic

A holidaymaker fell ill and then had an allergic reaction to medication she was given. FrontierMEDEX liaised with the local treating physician and developed a medical evacuation plan that meant less than 24 hours after she initially fell ill, our client was on an air ambulance, heading home.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Dominican Republic

China Sea

A FrontierMEDEX doctor delivered health care and training, alongside health and hygiene programs to improve well-being of our client's crew offshore, whilst traveling through a number of locations including the China Sea.

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FrontierMEDEX rescued an English teacher after a serious car accident in remote Africa. The team consulted with local doctors throughout initial stabilization treatment, flew her parents out to be with her and later arranged her evacuation to a location with better medical facilities.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Car Accident in Africa


FrontierMEDEX assisted a traveler with a major medical emergency when she dislocated her hip whilst working on a charity build in a remote area. In the end, it took eight ground ambulances, two commercial flights, two air ambulances and three hospitals to get her home safely.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Hip Dysplacia in Ethiopia


FrontierMEDEX delivered a robust and socially responsible medical solution to localize the provision of medical care on our client's Ugandan operations. An intensive training program and continuing medical support is helping our client to leave a lasting legacy in-country.

Learn more about Remote Medical Solutions


After violent demonstrations following an election and a call from a concerned client, FrontierMEDEX reviewed intelligence and recommended evacuation of all non-essential personnel, helping to move a family to safety and continuing to closely monitor the situation.

More on Emergency Response and EvacuationCase study: Evacuated from Civil Unrest


FrontierMEDEX assisted a Canadian professor, ensuring his wife received appropriate care when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, following head pain and dizziness whilst on vacation in Australia. We then arranged for the couple's return to Canada.

Learn more about AssistanceCase study: Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor


A number of emergency response training courses have been run for our client at their mining site in Guinea, to support their Emergency Response team. Courses have incorporated first aid, advanced first aid, fire fighting, and extrication, cave and rope rescue elements.

Learn more about Remote Medical Solutions


We provided specialist training for doctors and nurses in South Sudan, helping lay the foundations of an early health care system. In addition to extensive training programs developed for the project, we procured, shipped, and installed ten mobile field clinics in a variety of locations across South Sudan.

Learn more about Remote Medical SolutionsCase study: Saving Lives in Sudan

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