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Supporting a major expeditionary services company to save lives in Sudan

Location: Sudan

In the challenging environment of Darfur, Sudan, our medics were instrumental in saving lives.

A serious cholera outbreak amongst the local population in El Fasher prompted a quick response from FrontierMEDEX. Because of good management, contingency planning and teamwork, no cases were reported from client camps.

Awareness-raising sessions were also delivered on indigenous disease (malaria, cholera, HIV/Aids), and we implemented programs to reduce hypertension and improve diet and fitness, which improved the health of client staff.

In addition, we were instrumental in improving the quality and hygiene of food preparation. Our medics helped to educate local staff in correct cleaning methods of ablution facilities and the safe use of chemical cleaners.

The feedback we received from client staff and sub-contractors described our medics as being valued for their personal approach, their integrity and their medical calibre. Our personnel worked hard to establish good relationships with the people they encountered and tackled the challenges of life in Sudan with tenacity and professionalism.


This resource contains valuable information for field personnel such as briefing notes, training materials, health information and office contact details.

Field staff

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