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World-class medical, safety and security solutions.



Proactive, Individual, Intelligent and Continuous.

At FrontierMEDEX, we prefer to keep travelers one step ahead of any scenario that reduces their safety, productivity, well-being or enjoyment. Leveraging in-house expertise, we provide proactive solutions that keep each traveler aware of any potential risks they may face while traveling, mobilizing rapid response solutions should an unforeseen incident occur.

FrontierMEDEX's risk management approach is broken down into three key areas:

  • Destination intelligence and informational alerts that help provide real-time information on any issues that may affect travel.
  • Emergency medical and travel assistance and insurance to resolve issues ranging from lost travel documents to medical referrals to emergency medical evacuations.
  • Risk management and security assistance that respond intelligently and continuously to geographic location and associated risk factors.

Assistance from FrontierMEDEX means quality, consistency and speed.

Unsurpassed Credentialing Process

The FrontierMEDEX Resource Development Team travels the globe to credential resources and providers, including hospitals and air ambulance companies. We have security specialists strategically located around the world and we verify each provider's capabilities, procedures and practices, historical track record, commitment to excellence and familiarity with helping foreign travelers. Our dedication to this due diligence process makes the quality of our proprietary network second to none.

Quality Case Management

All assistance operations are coordinated through the centralized FrontierMEDEX Emergency Response Center (ERC). In this manner, FrontierMEDEX provides excellent quality case management with complete support and supervision from management, delivered by a team of ERC professionals who each complete two-year training programs. All coordination between the client, family, and other involved parties is carefully controlled through the ERC.

When your travelers call for help, you can rest assured that a FrontierMEDEX professional will answer their call, 24/7/365. Furthermore, when FrontierMEDEX clients need an update on a case, program review report or just advice – the information is both complete and readily accessible.


Our dedication to responsiveness is evident in our average response time of only 7 seconds. The immediate needs of the caller are assessed at the initial point of contact and the FrontierMEDEX Emergency Response Team is set in motion.

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