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World-class medical, safety and security solutions.

Medical Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies. 

Preventive, primary and emergency. Everywhere.

When you're six hours from the nearest hospital, you are totally reliant on the person who purchased the medical supplies. Making the right decision on medical supplies can have a life or death outcome. Appropriate to the skills of your medic and chosen for their safety and their suitability for your environment, our medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and consumables are reliably sourced, delivered where and when you need them and are only ever one call away.

Our product performance is proven beyond doubt.

All our equipment and our full range of supplies pass stringent safety criteria set by our medical management team, each one a leader in their specialist area of remote medical support. Many of the products we offer have been proven in the field by our health care professionals, tried and tested in testing situations, to ensure performance in places where failure is not an option.

Our comprehensive anti-counterfeit policies allow you to prescribe with confidence, whether you choose from our many branded products or our extensive and cost-effective generic range. Alongside our robust medical protocols, our license from the Medicines and Health care products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is your guarantee of our high standards and consistent quality.

Our local and specialist knowledge helps you extend your global reach. Wherever you are, tropic or tundra, land or sea, we'll navigate the supply route, ensuring full compliance with local import restrictions and safe transportation of light or temperature sensitive items.

Virtually. Anywhere.

From a scalpel to a scanner, our online catalogue, order and tracking systems means you can order, reorder and manage your medical supplies quickly and efficiently, anytime, anywhere.

Visit our medical equipment and supplies website here 


This resource contains valuable information for field personnel such as briefing notes, training materials, health information and office contact details.

Field staff

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