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World-class medical, safety and security solutions.

Mountain Support

Mountain Support. We go out of our way to ensure you don't have to.

Making detours to avoid steep terrain can be expensive, time consuming or sometimes, just impossible. Through canyon and wadi, FrontierMEDEX mountain support specialists work side-by-side with seismic survey teams, helping them to their destination, safely, securely, directly.

A FrontierMEDEX mountaineer has both breadth and depth of experience, recruited from backgrounds such as mountain rescue, military mountain training or Antarctic survey. Each is an expert, equipped to think ahead and respond appropriately in challenging circumstances.

We promise to be one step ahead so you can lead the way.

Specialist providers in seismic safety, we ensure survey teams operate with minimum risk to both personnel and equipment and with maximum efficiency, planning ahead to ensure safe passage across difficult terrain to remote locations.

We deliver best practice, preparing contingency plans to ensure rapid response in case of a medical emergency, accounting for the possible impact and cost of a medical evacuation when planning your route.

We build capacity by providing training for crews, delivered where it's needed, both on the ground and on the rock face.

With an excellent safety record, a fully-accredited monitoring system and established operating procedures based on cost-effective and sound practices, FrontierMEDEX mountaineers maintain a firm grip on quality, delivering the highest possible safety standards even in the highest places.

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This resource contains valuable information for field personnel such as briefing notes, training materials, health information and office contact details.

Field staff

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