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World-class medical, safety and security solutions.

Remote Medical Support

The highest medical standards in the world’s remotest places.

Whether it’s the search for hydrocarbons and minerals, seizing the opportunity of emerging markets, or the response to humanitarian crises, the 21st century will inevitably take organizations to more unfamiliar, more remote and more challenging locations.

Wherever your ambitions lie, FrontierMEDEX removes the boundaries holding you back from operating effectively in remote locations. Whether it’s the delivery of fully equipped land-based clinics, deployment of health care specialists with relevant experience and expertise, or the emergency response of global medical evacuations, you can be confident our remote site medical expertise will enable you to maintain a healthy workforce, minimize medical incidents and reduce lost time due to sickness or accidents.

The right medical solutions. In the right place. At the right time.

From the Arctic to the Sahara, from auditing and health risk assessments to medical and first aid training programs, cardiac capability to treating the medical traumas caused by civil unrest and war, FrontierMEDEX’s wide range of medical solutions have been proven in the world’s most hostile environments, on land and at sea.

With a focus on prevention as much as treatment, our health care professionals have the relevant skills, qualifications and industry experience to work autonomously in remote areas, delivering the best possible medical care to your personnel, wherever they may be.

Expertise. Guaranteed.

Each FrontierMEDEX onsite medical specialist receives 24/7/365 clinical support from our team of Reachback or Topside doctors, themselves experienced in health care provision in remote locations.

This global governance system further augments our rigorous clinical decision-making, helping to guarantee the quality of medical provision you receive, by adhering to the strictest technical procedures and treatment protocols.

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This resource contains valuable information for field personnel such as briefing notes, training materials, health information and office contact details.

Field staff

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