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World-class medical, safety and security solutions.


Training. Delivering the skills you need in the locations you need them.

Delivered on-site, on land and at sea, FrontierMEDEX training programs enable organizations around the world to equip their people with life-saving skills, efficiently and cost-effectively.

They are built on our in-depth experience, a proven history of working side-by-side with clients to enhance well-being and productivity for staff working in challenging environments, wherever they are in the world.

Designed by specialists. Delivered by professionals. Tailored to your needs.

Our training is rigorous, relevant and taught by remote site professionals qualified in their subject with first-hand experience of your operational risks and threats. Many will have worked on seismic vessels or remote land-based sites.

Our courses are exceptional. They cover the skills to manage extraordinary circumstances, a rescue at height, a sea snake bite or a situation of multiple casualties.

Because we deliver training on site, your people are better prepared for their immediate challenges. They develop their skills within the context of their own workplace and familiarize themselves with vital equipment that they may be called on to use. Whether that's a cutting tool or defibrillator, when every second counts, they'll have the confidence to get the job done right.

And, because we train your staff while they work, you can achieve your training goals with the minimum operational disruption, enabling more staff to update or learn new skills in a consistent and managed environment.

On your wavelength. In your language.

We deliver training in whichever language you need, with trainers experienced in creating learning solutions that are effective across different countries and cultures.

Proactive and pragmatic, FrontierMEDEX training is delivered with insight and understanding, and covers both the advanced and essential skills needed to keep your people safe and productive, always and anywhere.

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This resource contains valuable information for field personnel such as briefing notes, training materials, health information and office contact details.

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