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Crisis Management

Crisis Management.
Contingency not catastrophe.

The uncertainty and volatility of the 21st century has elevated the importance of organizations maintaining reliable crisis management plan. Having certain responses in place before the uncertain occurs helps save lives, minimizes impact on assets, mitigates reputational damage and enables the quick restoration of operational effectiveness.

Based on our tried and tested principles of preparedness, response and recovery, and proven in the world's hotspots – from Katrina to Cairo - FrontierMEDEX's risk consultants assist organizations in developing crisis management plans that significantly reduce their exposure to the negative impact of critical incidents.

In most cases, a full-blown crisis does not occur overnight. FrontierMEDEX works with clients before the situation reaches a pressure point, providing the real-time actionable intelligence that helps decision-makers take the prompt and decisive action that safeguards well-being and saves lives.

When every second counts. You can count on FrontierMEDEX.

From outbreaks of violence to natural disasters, FrontierMEDEX is available 24/7 to respond to unforeseen situations that can occur on the domestic or international front. Our security and risk consultants, intelligence analysts and operational specialists provide strategic solutions and enable you to react quickly when every second counts.

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Our Crisis Management services include:

Crisis Management Planning

FrontierMEDEX can assist organizations develop new crisis management plans for a variety of situations – as well as assess and update existing plans to ensure they remain current. As part of the process, our risk consultants will meet with key stakeholders to gain an understanding of the organization and its needs. A schedule will then be set for design, approval, rollout and implantation.

Tabletop Exercises

FrontierMEDEX's security and training consultants work with clients to design and conduct highly customized tabletop exercises. Our role playing exercises expose senior management to realistic crisis scenarios. These scenarios provide practice for the executives and help to identify potential weaknesses in an organization's crisis management plan. Exercises may be performed on-site or via telephone depending upon the client's needs.

Emergency Response and Evacuations

FrontierMEDEX is a trusted leader in the provision of emergency response and evacuation services. From air evacuations to the rapid deployment of a high-threat environment security team, we have the logistical capabilities and experience to conduct operations that require speed, precision and on-the spot decision-making capabilities. With a 24/7 Emergency Response Center manned by intelligence and operations specialists, FrontierMEDEX can quickly utilize our full global resources to assist clients to safety.

Asset and Property Protection

FrontierMEDEX is well-suited to support its clients in responding to critical developments outside the normal course of business. In the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other unforeseen situation, we can provide an on-site team of security specialists to protect business assets and private property. Our logistical support capabilities and aviation charter resources allow us to deploy experienced teams into a disaster zone until such time that business operations can safely resume. We also supply escorts as necessary for individuals needing to move in and out of the hot zone.

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