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Traveler Tracking

Traveler Tracking. Keeping your people on the map.

If a natural disaster occurred in New Zealand, would you know which employees were there, who was planning to travel there, and be able to contact all of them quickly?

The FrontierMEDEX Travel Security Manager (TSM) is an online risk management tool that allows you to locate and communicate with your travelers around the world with the click of a mouse.

Ways to Use TSM

  • To find travelers affected by a natural disaster or terrorist attack
  • To email an administrator whenever someone books travel to particular locations
  • To determine the number of travelers booked on a specific flight
  • To automatically send destination briefings, alerts, company travel policies and emergency contact information

How does TSM work?

Traveler records are automatically entered to TSM and will combine data from multiple travel reservation systems, custom feeds, client side file imports and manual entry. This information is updated throughout TSM on a regular basis.

TSM fully integrates with the rest of your FrontierMEDEX online tools, including the Member Center, World Watch® and MEDEX 360°m, allowing a single login to give you access to all of your features.


Instant Communications

TSM gives you the ability to send Traveler Notifications containing destination briefs, travel policies, alerts and emergency contact information to your employees before they leave, or while they are traveling. You can even verify the notification was received and read. Manager Notifications can be set to automatically send you an email whenever an employee books travel to a specified destination. The email will include a copy of the itinerary.

View Travelers by Risk Level or Location

Click on any security threat level (1-5) and the map will only display travelers in countries with that particular threat level. This is an easy way to view travelers in higher risk areas around the globe. You can also view travelers via the Region Report, Country Report, or City Report. Select a specific region, country or city and the map automatically centers to that area so you can easily see your travelers.

Interactive Map

Traveler information is integrated with the map as color coded pins, so you can easily identify where your people are located and the threat levels of those areas. Clicking a traveler pin lets you immediately see the details and send an email if needed. You can change the map view to see who is on the ground, currently traveling or traveling in the upcoming days and weeks.

Get in touch with the security team in Houston on +1 713 430 7300.

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